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CHS Services
Certificate of Registration - 195,00 CHF
With regard to customer privacy, there are two options as to what is written on the CHS card.

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The CHS Certificate of Registration is a document issued with data provided by the customer about the watch: brand, serial number, model reference number and movement number. This confidential data is then entered into the International Archives of CHS.

This service, in addition to providing a record of new watches (and potentially increasing their value), is an effective way of creating a documentation for antique and vintage watches, which, to date, have been untraceable on the market.

The benefits of registering a watch for a CHS certificate are:

  • watch details are entered into the International Archives of CHS; the first database to include all timepiece brands of prestige
  • immediate identification and traceability of the watch in the market place, whilst maintaining full privacy of the customer’s details
  • the timepiece is paired with a valid document that can increase its commercial value by offering verifiable information about the watch and its origin
  • access to the promotional offer points system
  • CHS will notify the customer by email in the following circumstances:
  • for security, if an attempt is made to register details of the same watch on the database
  • to inform the customer of exclusive promotional offers

For more information on the following please click below:

- Certificate of Registration
- CHS card 
- Promotional Offers


Useful information for completing the online form

In order for the customer application to be accepted, the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) within the online application form must be completed. These include the watch identification details and the customer’s personal or company data.

The serial number and model reference number of the watch are both listed on the guarantee given at the time of purchase. If the guarantee is not available, this information can also be found on the watch itself. It is essential that these numbers are obtained by qualified personnel in order to avoid any possible damage to the watch.

For further information, please contact CHS at: geneve@chswiss.com



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