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CHS was founded in the ancestral homeland of fine watchmaking, Rue Du Rhône, Geneva, Switzerland. Here lies the heart of "Haute Horologerie", where exceptional craftsmanship, technology and originality produce finely crafted timepieces that surpass any others in the marketplace.

CHS has observed that, in recent years, the watchmaking market has been evolving; collectors and enthusiasts are now viewing SWISS MADE watches as a genuine investment, not just articles of great precision and beauty.

CHS provides a response to this change in the market's perspective by offering CERTIFICATION D'HORLOGERIE SUISSE (CHS). An innovative and stringent certification service, CHS is revolutionising the timepiece market by tracking and legitimising the identification features of a watch to its owner. This service is particularly suitable for providing a documentation for classic and vintage watches that have been on the market for years yet whose precise history or origin remain unknown.

Combining technology and professionalism, CHS employs its own registration method and verification system for every watch registered with the International Archives of CHS. Registering the timepiece with the certified name and other information supplied by the customer, creates both an official document and a "biography" with which to trace the history of the watch.

CHS operates steadfast in the firm conviction that registering the watch holder's name with their watch will guarantee protection and security. As a result, this makes marketing the timepiece that much easier. Indeed, CHS carries out a fundamental role in the watchmaking industry by providing users with all the necessary documentation ( including model, brand, model reference number, serial number etc.) to trace a watch's journey through the marketplace.

The other main services provided by CHS are:

  • Expert Valuation
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Restoration and Repair
  • Extreme Conditions Certificate
  • Personal Timepiece Consultant


The main aims of CHS are:

  • to renovate the current methods of certification in the market of fine watchmaking
  • to legitimise both the buyer and the purchase
  • to add a greater degree of order to the market
  • to work closely with manufacturers

The future of CHS is above all the future of fine watchmaking; respect for the exceptional craftsmanship and expertise of "Haute Horologerie" manufacturing tradition, combined with the potential that new technologies provide; essentially to own a watch and be certain of its value.