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In 1980, Carlo Crocco founded his company and created the Hublot watch. The timepiece was gold and fitted with the first natural black rubber strap in the history of watch-making. This became a very successful style in watch design, and was the focus of interest for many leading watch- making brands in the mid-nineties. This first model, presented at the Basel Fair in 1980, became an immediate success. Subsequently, the Hublot brand was named “The Royals’ watch” as their watches were worn by princes and kings all over the world. For example, the brand’s success in Spain was largely due to King Juan Carlos I becoming one of Hublot’s clients at the end of the 1980s.
In 2004, preoccupied with his own design work and absorbed in his participation with MDM (an organisation providing aid for children around the world) , Carlo Crocco chose a successor, Jean-Claude Biver, to take over his duties within the company.
Thanks to this new director’s initiative, the brand re-discovered its routes with the revival of the “Fusion” concept. This idea worked on the basis of joining together unlikely materials such as gold and ceramic, the Swiss Watchmaking Tradition and the Watchmakers’ Art in the 21st century. A perfect illustration of the fusion concept is the Hublot “Big Bang” chronograph, launched in 2005, which was an immediate success.
One year later, Biver launched Hublot TV; the first ever channel to be founded by a luxury brand, which broadcasts continuous news and information about the Hublot universe.
In 2007, the brand opened two new boutiques (Paris and Saint-Tropez). It also launched the “Big Bang diver”, which had an oversized bezel, and the “Mag Bang”; the first Hublot watch to be entirely constructed by the company.
The beginning of 2008 was marked by the launch of the first “Big Bang” range, designed exclusively for women.

Jean-Claude Bivet, has been elected “Best Watchmaking Manager” and “Best Communicator” by “Business Montres” journalists. He also demonstrated his professional skills in UEFA Euro 2008, where Hublot was responsible for time-keeping, as well as supplying chronographs and watches. Apart from releasing the exclusive watch for Euro 2008, the company also supported the “Unite Against Racism Campaign”. Through this, Hublot has become a pioneer at combining luxury watchmaking with football. Bivet explained; “The great Swiss brands are supposed to support events organized in the Austrian and Swiss area”. As the official UEFA Euro 2008 supplier of watches and chronometers, Hublot intends to demonstrate that luxury trademarks and football can, and should, work together.

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