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1887 At the age of only 22 years, Georges-Emile Eberhard, a watchmaker’s son in Berne, founded the company Eberhard & Co. in La Chaux-de-Fonds, an area at the heart of Swiss watchmaking tradition.
The launch of the company’s first pocket-watch chronograph marked the beginning of a long series of successful products, signed with the brand’s slogan; “innovation with tradition”. The company advertised itself as the high-quality watch manufacturer for explorers, sportsmen, pilots and business men of that time.

1919 The launch of a wrist chronograph featuring a strap with mobile attachments and a hinged case back.

1926 The founder’s children took full charge of the company.

1930s Chronographs by Eberhard & Co. were seen adorning the wrists of officers in the Royal Italian Navy.

1935 The Swiss company released a new chronograph, featuring two buttons that could be stopped and started without returning the numbers to zero.

1939 Eberhard & Co. continues to revolutionise the world of chronographs with the creation of a wristwatch that featured a flyback hand (a device that enables double time-keeping).

1940s After the end of World War II, Eberhard & Co. ventured into the market of ladies’ watches, focusing on women’s fashion and luxury items.

1950s Towards the end of the 1950s, Eberhard & Co. presented the “Extra-Fort” model with a push button for stopping and starting the chronograph (re-designed in 1999).

1960s These years were marked by the advent of the first electronic movements released by Eberhard & Co.

 1970 The Sirio Collection was presented, featuring all the brand’s most innovative creations.

1980s In the early 1980s, the company launched another mechanical chronograph known as “Chronomaster Frecce Tricolori”, a chronograph dedicated to the world’s most famous aerobatic squadron.

1987 The company celebrated its centenary by introducing the “Navymaster” Chronograph Collection, with an inscription on the dial commemorating its birthday.

1997 A unique chronograph was produced, named “Tazio Nuvolari”, in celebration of the 100th birthday of the legendary racetrack champion. In line with its self-imposed commitment to ongoing research, the company created the “8 Days”, a special manually-wound mechanical watch that has to be rewound every eight days only, thanks to a special winding device consisting of two overlapping springs.
The company introduced the successful models Eberhard Traversetolo, Eberhard Tazio Nuvolari “Grande Taille”, Eberhard Tazio Nuvolari Rattrappante “Géant”. Later, in 2003, the Tazio Nuvolari “Vanderbilt Cup” was released.
 2001 In the new millennium, Eberhard & Co. presented many new innovations, the first being the Chrono 4, which was the first chronograph to have counters arranged in a row. In 2008, a new version was launched known as “Grande Taille”.

 2004 The year marked the release of the “Roue à Colonnes Grande Date” which was included in the Extra-Fort collection.

2005  “Temerario” was released.

2006 The “Scafodat” diving-watch collection for professional divers was created.    

2007 To celebrate its 120th anniversary, the brand launched a very special chronograph known as    “Chronographe 120ème Anniversaire”.

More information about this company can be obtained by filling in a request form available on the brand’s official website.  

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