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This company was founded in 1735 with the opening of a workshop by  Jean-Jaques Blancpain in Villeret, Switzerland. Over the course of almost 275 years of the brand’s history, the main goals of its expert watch-makers have been the pursuit of perfection and originality; a desire to create watches of such prestige and ingenuity as to deserve a place in the history of haute horlogerie.
The brand’s philosophy maintains that the mechanical watch represents not only the union of components and mechanisms, but is also the product of innovation. Thus, Blancpain strove to develop extraordinarily complex mechanical movements; the essence of the Swiss watchmaking.
In the 1970s, the company under went a dramatic setback when the mechanical watch was almost replaced by the quartz watch, leaving the company a step away from bankruptcy. However, in the middle of the 1980s, Blancpain was revived thanks to Omega and its takeover of the Swatch Group. Thus a new manufacturing warehouse was founded in Le Brassus in Vallée de Joux.
In line with its slogans, the company has never created quartz watches, claiming that they would never do this as they wish to preserve their genuine and long tradition of mechanical watchmaking.
The brand is famous for having created one of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made, the Blancpain 1735, with four major complications: a tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar and split chrono.
Another model that has enjoyed great success is the Blancpain Fifty-fathoms, selected by the US Navy and worn by Jaques-Yves Cousteau during the shooting of his Golden Palm-awarded documentary.
Other popular Blancpain models are the Blancpain Villeret (chronograph and time only), the Blancpain Svegliarino, the Blancpain Time Zone, and the Blancpain Léman collection.

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